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Inspired by 3x16

The Liars + Eating Together

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there’s no kindness in your eyes
the way you look at me is just not right
i can tell what’s going on this time
there’s a stranger in my life.
you’re not the person i once knew
are you scared to let ‘em know it’s you?
if they could only see you like i do
then they would see a stranger too

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Lucy Hale on Ryan Seacrest (x)

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Rest in Peace Mona Vanderwaal 

 then + now


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can we just take a minute for mona vanderwaal

the realest, baddest bitch on the show.
yeah, she cracked
yeah, she tormented the girls for a while there
but when the shit hit the fan
she picked herself the fuck back up
made herself into a person nobody messed with
and did all she could to help the girls against the real enemy

Peace out, Mona Vanderwaal. We’re truly fucked w/o you

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what the fuck are we gonna do without mona vanderwaal

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