@SleepintheGardn: I think I should just get up and reenact whole episodes as I remember them. Ill play all the parts. #onewomanshow #pll #abcfamilyiblameyou


Lucy Hale on Ryan Seacrest (x)

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Rest in Peace Mona Vanderwaal 

 then + now


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can we just take a minute for mona vanderwaal

the realest, baddest bitch on the show.
yeah, she cracked
yeah, she tormented the girls for a while there
but when the shit hit the fan
she picked herself the fuck back up
made herself into a person nobody messed with
and did all she could to help the girls against the real enemy

Peace out, Mona Vanderwaal. We’re truly fucked w/o you

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what the fuck are we gonna do without mona vanderwaal

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#RIPMona, we will miss you.

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Game over Alison, I win.

— Mona Vanderwaal’s last words (via spencersarcastic)
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Favorite Spencer Hastings hairstyles | Season 4A

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pll promo is saying someone will die and i’m pretty sure it’s me

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Aria Montgomery in “No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me” (5x11)

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