@SleepintheGardn: I think I should just get up and reenact whole episodes as I remember them. Ill play all the parts. #onewomanshow #pll #abcfamilyiblameyou
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Hanna Marin in “Scream for Me”

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Every Pretty Little Liars Episode5x07- The Silence of E. Lamb

"New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. Ali’s keeping secrets, maybe that’s because of Hanna’s big mouth."

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Hanna Marin | 5x09 Sneak Peek

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"I can’t do this without you, Cos."

↪ Spencer Hastings in Scream for Me (05x08)

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How about these nose tubes? Sexy, right? Cannulalingus.


@lucyhale:Today is a cool day because for the first time I’ve successfully mastered a fishtail braid. 🐟

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needed it’s own